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The Relevance of Occupational Therapy


Occupational therapy has three goals – to develop, recover, and maintain. Through careful assessment and interventions, patients who have been hospitalized due to an illness or injury are guided in developing adaptive ways to survive their current condition, completely recover after a painful surgery, and maintain their health conditions after attending multiple sessions of their therapy.

Susan’s Heart offers therapy services in Maryland including occupational therapy, to promote our patients’ health, facilitate their independence, and enhance their adaptability through self-care, work, and play.

Specifically, our occupational therapy services offered as part of our home health care plan help our patients:

  • Rebuild muscles.

    After a long bed rest, your muscles will weaken, and occupational therapy will help rebuild them, especially your muscle strength, balance, and posture.

  • Better functioning.

    In occupational therapy, playing memory games or using audiobooks improves cognitive function, especially memory. Furthermore, this therapy improves your sleep cycle. Finally, tasks like organizing, problem-solving, and reasoning can help eradicate the visual defects of an individual.

  • Social Involvement.

    This therapy also involves outdoor physical activities and social simulation to enhance the person’s community involvement.

  • Facilitate safety.

    We teach patients how to use tools that can aid their mobility so that in the long run, they’ll be able to use those assistive devices without any help from others and even function on their own if they are totally healed.

Through the correct process of occupational therapy and with the aid of medical professionals in this field, your loved ones will have better lives.

We offer other therapy services in our clinic. Know more about our senior care services in Baltimore, Maryland by sending us a message!

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