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Exercising Your Communication Skills Back To Health


Your ability to speak is the best way to communicate. And when circumstances like stroke happen to us, it takes away that ability.

Senior Care Services in Baltimore, Maryland, will not allow that. If they can do something to help you regain your ability to speak, they will do it. They will coordinate with your doctors and speech therapist to help create a plan to get your communications skills back to health. That is why caregivers facilitate simple speech therapy exercises while you are at home and relaxing.

What are these exercises? Here are some of them:

  • First is Tongue In-and-Out. You must stick your tongue out for 2 seconds, then pull it back in again for 2 seconds. Repeat.

  • The second is Tongue Side-to-Side. Like Tongue In and Out, you will stick your tongue out to one side for 2 seconds, then transfer to the other for another 2 seconds. Repeat.

  • Third Say Cheese! This exercise is all about smiling. First, you smile, hold for 5 seconds, then relax your cheeks. Repeat.

Those are just a few simple speech therapy exercises you can do at home.

Our mission here in Susan’s Heart is to bring you the care that will revitalize your health back. To get back your speech, we will help you exercise. Not just the simple speech therapy exercise but also those taught and advised by your speech therapist. Our Home Health Care wants you to have a better quality of life with improved speech and communication skills.

Visit our Therapy Services in Maryland today to know more!

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