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Making the Most of Your Home Health Care Experience


Most elderly individuals will require in-home assistance with activities of daily living and housekeeping duties at some point in their lives. The need for this help may arise as a result of disease development or following a hospital stay for an illness, fall, or surgery. However, we understand that having someone come into your house to assist with your care can be stressful, which is why Susan’s Heart provides some tips on how to make this transition easier.

Sharing your routine or schedule with your aide is one of the best ways to make this transition easier and to have a nice and meaningful experience. It is also beneficial to provide the caregiver with a list of tasks you would like them to complete. This way, both you and the assistant will know what to expect and how to make the most of your time together.

Personal care duties that a caregiver can help you with include bathing, clothing, grooming, toileting, transferring, and therapy services in Maryland. Their primary priority is ensuring your safety and comfort at home.

Here are some additional success tips for you and your caregiver:

  • Inform the caregiver about your daily routine, food, and activity preferences.
  • Take them to the market for the first time and show them the brands and sizes you use.
  • List the medications you take, as well as the dosage and time of day you take them.
  • Inquire about the aide’s preferences.

You may have no prior experience with having a caregiver in your home, but the caregiver is likely to have prior expertise in delivering senior care services in Baltimore, Maryland.

Contact us right away if you’re considering hiring home health care.

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