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Geriatric Assessment & Evaluation for Seniors


When you and your senior loved one are considering home care services, you must choose the agency known for its quality services. At Susan’s Heart, the provider of Senior Care Services in Baltimore, Maryland, we conduct quality geriatric assessment and evaluation to ensure that seniors get the best possible care plan in their aging journey.

The care each senior requires can change at any given moment. As their age increases, they tend to require better care services that would fit their daily need. Each senior situation is unique, and it’s important for our professional care providers to be flexible and know that care needs will change over time.

Our agency provides both medical and non-medical home care services. There is a wide range of medical services that you and your senior loved one can choose from, including our Therapy Services in Maryland. Our non-medical care services are designed to make senior living more comfortable.

Our geriatric care assessments are designed to evaluate all of the issues and challenges that a senior is experiencing, such as health issues, mobility challenges, transportation issues, bathing and grooming issues, and more. This method allows us to develop coordinated care plans to focus on interventions for identified issues and determine care needs and the frequency of care that should be provided.

Choose the Home Health Care services that we can offer. To discuss more, please do not hesitate to schedule an appointment. We look forward to seeing you.

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